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Sunte o comunitate infiintata in anul 2010, iar de atunci ne axam doar pe GAMING in special pe serverele de counter-strike. Suntem una dintre cele mai active si vechi comunitati din Romania. Bucura-te de serverele noastre si de echipa noastra administrativa care este foarte prietenoasa si sociabila.







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Player - SETTI  (Steam link)

Admin - Rahan (Steam link)


Hi, I have a complaint against your administrator.

I played calmly, there were few players on the server, and accordingly I helped weak players, one of them was your administrator.

As soon as Rohan started playing against me, he suspected me of foul play. And he made me 4 screenshots, and threw off a link I didn’t understand. I warned him that I would upload the screenshots to Google Drive and in the game in the chat I would send a link to his screenshots, which I actually did.

He ignored my messages, just as he ignored my messages that there was not one VAK on my account for 19 years of playing. As a result, he banned me with the reason - no ss.

After a while I went to the server and the ban was already gone. Tell me, do you distribute admin panels to all idiots? Why should I do a lot of unnecessary registrations to understand your language in order to prove that I'm not a cheater, but an idiot administrator? Why didn't he ask to go through WG? Why didn't he launch his calculator to open the link and view the screenshots. It is a pity that the Demo does not write automatically for you.

de_dust2x20002.bmp de_dust2x20001.bmp de_dust2x20000.bmp de_dust2x20003.bmp

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